Skin Allergy Testing

The Best Skin Allergy Testing in Texas 

Rash? Itchy or blotchy skin? Abdominal pain? Runny, itchy nose or watery eyes? These can be symptoms of food and environmental allergies. Rush to your nearest clinic for skin patch test clinic near me.   

At Complete Family Wellness we offer blood and skin allergy testing. We offer a thorough allergy screening that is non-invasive, pain-free and no down time! 

Our clinicians conduct your skin test in clinic and can provide you results within 20 minutes. We test for 68 environmental and 48 food allergens most common in Texas for determining the causes of your skin irritation. Search for allergy test results Carrollton today.


The common symptoms of allergies are:

  • Itchy water eyes 
  • Runny eyes 
  • Sore throat 
  • Congestion 
  • Ear congestion or fullness 


Some of the less known symptoms of allergic reactions are:

skin allergy test

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Nausea 
  • Cramping 
  • Rash/Eczema 
  • Itching  
  • Bloating 

Often, patients might suffer from these symptoms and not realize that they might be suffering from allergies causing their discomfort.  


Allergies and allergic reactions also tend to compound.  

So, if you have an allergy to a certain food or foods you may not have discomfort until your environmental or seasonal allergies are exacerbated.  Check from allergen testing near me clinic today.

This is why, we will often do a blood test to determine your baseline allergies. Based on your lab results, medical and symptomatic history, we can determine which allergens to test for.  

An allergy test helps your healthcare providers determine the causes behind the allergy and helps them devise a plan for treatment. Usually, allergy tests indicate all the substances or allergens in your environment that can trigger skin irritation. In fact, with your allergy test report, your doctor becomes aware of the medicines that are safe to prescribe for your condition. 



When will I get my allergy test report? 

For blood tests: we can get results within 1 week  For skin allergy testing: we can get results within 30 minutes. 

Can a child undergo a skin allergy test? 

A child can undergo a skin allergy test at any age. However, we recommend parents avoid any allergy testing until a child is 6-months old. Allergy tests may not be 100% accurate in infants.  We recommend lab testing for pediatric patients under 8 years old and for adults when performing initial screening.


 We recommend pain-free skin allergy testing for any individual over 8 years old. We do perform allergy skin test results Carrollton for younger patients as long as they can sit still for the procedure for about 20 minutes.

When you are ready to take control of your skin allergy symptoms and symptoms associated with allergic reactions, give our clinic a call and we can verify your insurance benefits, discuss cost and details with you for your specific plan and test.