Food Allergy Testing

The Best Food Allergy Testing Facility in Texas

The Best Food Allergy Clinic near me in Texas 

Food allergy can take serious turns if ignored. Sometimes, it becomes life-threatening for people as well. If you have experienced swelling in your throat after consuming some food or beverage, you need to look for the best food allergy testing doctor near me. At Complete Family Wellness,we offer you complete diagnostic support and allergy testing facility under medical observation at an affordable rate from food allergy clinic near me


What is Food Allergy Testing? 

Just as the name sounds, food allergy blood test near me uses a method of checking your allergic reactions upon administration of food allergens in your body system. An individual might have to go through three variants of food allergy testing- 

  1. Blood test 

  1. Skin allergy testing 

  1. Food challenge 

Commonly Tested Allergens Present in Food: 

If you are worried about consuming a food allergen, here is the list of the common allergens that have been proved to trigger allergic reactions on a person- 

  • Shellfish 
  • Eggs 
  • Diary products 
  • Fish 
  • Peanuts 
  • Soy 
  • Grains 
  • Tree Nuts 
  • Aubergine 

Food Allergy Testing Process 

Are you wondering how the best food allergy testing near me conducts the diagnosis? We follow three different kinds of food allergy testing on patients depending on their allergic reaction. All our allergy testing methods are conducted under the supervision of a medical practitioner in a controlled medium. Skin testing and food challenge testing requires improved supervision. We ensure that patients get emergency treatment in case of severe conditions during testing in food allergy blood test near me.  

1. Skin Test: We collect a sample of your skin and administer food solutions to the sample. Multiple food samples are used to derive the result. As the allergist conducts the test, IgE of your body reacts with the allergens and trigger reaction. You can get a report in 10 minutes with the skin testing. 

2. Blood test: Like any blood test, allergists collect your blood sample and send it to our laboratory for IgE antibody testing. It takes about a week to obtain the result. 

3. Food challenge: Food challenge is the last choice for food allergy testing. Experts conduct this test only when you receive a false positive report from your blood or skin test. It is a slow process where a patient is introduced to certain types of food and observed for their allergen tolerance. A patient gets declared “free of allergy” if they don’t develop any symptoms. However, if the patient develops severe, or even a mild symptom, the allergist stops the test with immediate effect and derives plans for treatment from food allergist doctor near me. 





When is the right age to get a food allergy test? 

Though all age-group of people can undergo a food allergy test, it is mainly meant for children. It is essential to determine their food allergies to avoid any emergency situation. In any emergency case find for food allergy clinic near me

How to prepare for a food allergy test? 

If you plan to take a food allergy test, it is advisable to consult with the allergist for instruction on preparing for the test. Experts, in general, advise avoiding antihistamines for 3-5 days before the testing from food allergist doctor near me.