A Few Tips for Avoiding Covid Infection at Workplace

Beginning around 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak became a big global concern. Due to the severe impacts of covid-19 all over the world, most employees began working from home. However, with the development of vaccines, different types of covid 19 detection tests such as PCR test and rapid test, and successful covid-19 treatment provided by healthcare sectors, the workforce has already returned to their workplace. However, everyone should remember that the epidemic has not been gone, and we should take precautions before traveling or returning to work to be safe and healthy. Thus, today we’re going to provide a few suggestions for avoiding covid Infection attack after returning to work to enable you to save yourself, your family, and your community from this epidemic.

Understand the Symptoms of Coronavirus Infection

When you eventually decide to return to work, it is essential to understand the symptoms so that you can distinguish between seasonal flu and covid to avoid any health risks.

Some of the symptoms related with covid 19 include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory issues.
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Running nose

How Can You Avoid COVID-19 Infection?

The easiest method to avoid Covid 19 infection is to avoid being exposed to it. You can lessen the risk by practicing good hygiene and avoiding close contact with sick persons. Furthermore, vaccination is regarded as the most effective remedy since it develops antibodies that boost the resistance power against such a virus.

Aside from the procedures mentioned above, here are other precautions you should take to protect yourself from covid 19 infection before going to work, during at work, and after returning from work:

Before Going to Work​ ​​

  • Try to take off your jewelry and your watch.
  • Bring your lunch in a disposable bag.
  • Maintain appropriate hand hygiene by washing your hands with hand soap and carrying a sanitizer with you always.
  • Before leaving your house, please remember to wear a face mask.
  • You should also avoid consuming anything uncooked or undercooked.

During Work

• Daily disinfect your identity card, phone, eyewear, and any other work materials.

• Clean your lunch area both before and after eating.

• Wash your hands after touching random surfaces and materials.

• Avoid high-fives and handshakes.

• Follow physical distance maintenance rules.

After Work​

• Take extreme caution while handling potentially contaminated items such as backpacks, clothing, and shoes. Also, spray a disinfection solution on your shoes and bag before bringing them inside.

• When you return home, put your work clothes in your dirty clothes bag or the washing machine and wash them using good detergent powder.

• To preserve safety, take a shower with antiseptic liquid or soap before entering bedrooms or meeting children or elderly people at home.


After adopting all of the measures outlined above, the possibility of being affected by Covid 19 is lessened. However, if you feel ill and specific Covid 19 symptoms match your health conditions, please see your local family care clinic as soon as possible to arrange a PCR test and rapid test to determine the reason for your sickness as well as to obtain prompt medical attention.

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